This Just In...

Jon Bon Jovi...

... is prettier than I am. Even now.

... sings higher than I do. I'm blasting some Bon Jovi now and trying to sing along with the part after the modulation in "Living on a Prayer" killed my voice. While he soared on and on.

... has a mighty hot hairy chest. And some serious abs.

Yeah. That's incredibly shallow. But I had to console myself somehow.



Wildhair said...

Don't you mean he once HAD a hairy chest? Side by side comparison says he waxes or shaves...perhaps laser hair removal? Maybe it depends upon the season.

For proof a long while ago, I made up this composite:

citizen jane said...

Damn. He just needs to stop that. In my world, there is absolutely no good reason for a dude to wax his chest.


Sigh. Again.

Wildhair said...

I agree. While watching the volleyball scene from Top Gun, I kept feeling that something was missing (other than heterosexuality). CHEST HAIR! I can't imagine laying my head on a man's chest and feeling stubble instead of the God-given cushiony fluff.

citizen jane said...

Chest hair is just plain hot. Next to a man's brain, which included intellect and sense of humor, it's my most serious erogenous trigger.

And HAHAHA about the volleyball scene. Poor Anthony Edwards.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

This is so funny - Sister Honeybunch wrote on JBJ yesterday, too. Must be that time of year, lol.

citizen jane said...

Must be -- spring is in the air and young women's thoughts turn to JBJ.

I can think of worse things to think about, frankly.

PS: Jon! Quit waxing your chest!

SusanD said...

I still love Jon. No matter what.