My Fat Ass. Is Totally Badass.

On today's agenda:

* An hour on the treadmill. 450 calories burned. Done.

You can probably smell me from wherever you are. I'm one schvitzy chica. But, damn, do I feel good.

* Take a load of clothes that are TOO BIG to Goodwill. To do.

Boo-yah, baby. The problem is that I've been doing some shopping to supplement the items I've been giving away. Being a fitness sex goddess is an expensive responsibility. HA!

* Continually shake my groove thing, which is just a bit smaller.

Might even let you cop a feel.

Oh. Yeah.

Here's a bit of what runs through my head while I'm doing time on the treadmill at the Y... I listen to this, breaking up the tunes with some classic podcasts about my favorite decade. It's a good mix -- works for me.

Somehow, this makes my NutriMeals taste just a little more satifying. Mmmmm.


jason said...

the Gap Band alone burns off at least 224 calories I'm sure.

SusanD said...

someone else still listens to "hey ya!"

citizen jane said...

you know it, jason and susan. "you dropped a bomb on me" means instant dancing and hell yes, i stil listen to "hey ya!" good funky music is good funky music, regardless.