The Little Things

Found me a new writing prompt site -- mindbump.com. Here's what today's venture turned up:
mindbump suggested by The Real Eureka Springs

"Describe something seemingly unimportant or ridiculous that makes you happy."


Hearing Will laugh

Finding a $20 bill that I didn't know I had

Seeing a rainbow

Walking out of Target having spent far less than I usually do

Thinking about someone, hearing the phone ring and having that person be on the other line

Chocolate covered pretzels

To be understood

A night sky full of stars

Singing along loudly to my favorite song at a stop light, windows down -- and not giving a damn what the people in the cars next to me think

That endorphin rush you get right after a great workout session

Spontaneous dance parties

Happy crying at the end of a great movie

A perfectly mixed cocktail, a perfectly baked potato (slightly salty, crisp skin, tender inside), a perfectly cooked fillet (rare, baby, rare)

A recalled memory that makes me laugh out loud just at the thought of it

An unexpected gift

Holding hands

The moment in September when the light in the morning sky looks just a little different, signaling the approach of fall

The first kickoff of the first game of football season

Discovering a great movie on the telly -- and having time to watch it from start to finish

A spontaneous hug

Singing this song with Will -- it's one of his favorites.

And it sums up things rather serendipitously for me as well...
For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That's loved by you.

Happiness -

Now it's your turn: what are the little things that make you happy?


Wildhair said...

I am so doing this whenI get home from work.
Lots makes this chick happy. I can't wait to share.

80s Queen said...

Finishing a chapter in my book.

Playing on the slip and slide with my kids and NOT breaking any bones.

Unlocking another exercise on my Wii Fit.

so much more...

perpstu said...

What a great list. Everything on your list makes me smile too. I may need to start using mind bump for my own!

Madison McGraw said...

Everything makes me happy.
But that first cup of coffee in the morning while everyone else is sleeping...sigh.

On a Limb with Claudia said...

Boy, I like this. I like the stark short sentence contrasted with the texture of the language. Well done! :)

April said...

Someone other than me making the coffee.

SusanD said...

Aw, great list, Jane. Except that change in the light on a September morning is one of my saddest things!

Megan said...

Re: seeing a rainbow.

When I was coming home from my LV/SD I could see a rainbow in the midst of the clouds as I was driving towards the town I live in. I was just some sort of optical illusion because as far as I could tell the sun wasn't shining through anywhere. But after sometime I was fairly convinced that for once I wasn't losing it and there was a rainbow in the middle of this overcast mess. It was very faint but amazing at the same time. I felt like it was welcoming me home.

As I got closer to town it intensified and then I lost sight of it. As I neared my exit, I saw it again, but it wasn't the same it I saw before, it was the other end of it. And then there were two rainbows! One was faint and one was the most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen, seeing every band of color.

When I walked into the door and sat down at the computer I could see one end of one of the rainbows right out my window. It really had welcomed me home!