Thursday Thirteen Telly Time!

I love television. Always have. Always will.

In that spirit, here are thirteen of my favorite TV theme songs of all time, in no particular order. Feel free to sing along -- I am, dontcha know.

1. The Dick Van Dyke Show
My favorite show probably of all time. Period. I still want to be Sally Rogers.

2. Gilligan’s Island

My guiltiest pleasure. C’mon -- admit it. You know all the words to the theme song just like I do.

3. The Addams Family
Will’s favorite on this list, thanks to it being part of a current M&Ms commercial.

4. The Jeffersons
A must-request for me at any piano bar singalong place I go to. Trivia: the theme is sung by J’anet DuBois, better known as Willona from “Good Times.”

5. Sanford and Son
Maybe the greatest sitcom theme ever. Written and performed by the inimitable Quincy Jones.

6. The Rockford Files
A bad-ass theme for a bad-ass show. And add James Garner to the “damn, he’s hot list.” Whoa.

7. The Flintstones
A classic from my childhood. I’ll still stop and watch this damn thing if I catch it while channel surfing.

8. The Lucy Show
A staple of after-school TV watching. Adore this almost as much as “I Love Lucy”, thanks to Gale Gordon’s performance as Mr. Mooney.

9. The Monkees
True confession: I was in love with Peter. Y’all can have Davy.

10. Ellery Queen
My favorite drama as a kid. This show had waaaay too short a telly run -- smart and engaging and who doesn’t love a show set in ‘40s NYC. Someone PLEASE put this on DVD. Now.

11. Hawaii Five O
It doesn’t get much better than this. Am doing the hula hip shake as we speak.

12. Green Acres
My favorite of the crazy surreal CBS sitcoms of the late ‘60s. It still holds up well -- and who can resist Eva Gabor. Seriously.

13. Mad Men
In honor of all its Emmy nominations today. Best show, along with “30 Rock” on television right now, as far as I’m concerned. The new season starts July 27th on AMC. Mark your calendars.


Wildhair said...

Mad Men has a great theme. Love it.

I had such a crush on Jim Hutton. My mom must have also because she never liked missing that program.

Cute Tush broke out into song last night singing none other than TV theme songs. Quite loudly, too. I fully expected Barney Fife of my little Mayberry to show up.

On a limb with Claudia said...

I love all of these tv shows! We'll have to see if we can stream mad men! :)

Thanks for sharing your passion!

Happy TT

Bellezza said...

You didn't add My Three Sons or All In The Family! However, I'm glad to see Green Acres and Hawaii Five-O. ("Book 'em, Dano.")

Ben said...

I think the Adams Family is my favorite one from your list. Great TT!


Karen MEG said...

You brought me back to when I used to babysit afterschool; a lot of those shows were on!
Mad Men, they just started running that here in Canada ... I saw the 1st episode and loved it but haven't had time to catch anymore!!Reminds me that I should.
Great 13!

cajunvegan said...

Well, you know I love the others, but I haven't seen Mad Men. Is the first season on DVD yet?

I Love Lucy is my all-time favorite retro show. I wish Nick or TV Land still aired I Married Joan. I loved that one.

Happy TT!

Miss Janey said...

Ah, TV- Miss J's unofficial step-parent. NO wonder she knows all teh words to most of the themes above. What else might she have done with that brain space???

Starrlight said...

Oh wow childhood memories. I grew up on a ton of those shows!

And now I have Gilligan on the brain!

Miss Attitude said...

I love your TT post! I feel like I'm going to succumb to peer pressure in joining in.

BTW-- I've never seen Mad Men though.. or Ellery Queen.

jason said...

Peter was my favorite too!
(no pun intended)

Never liked the others as much. He was so cute and dopey. Adorable.