Saturday Morning Cereal: Seventh Bowl

Yep. Still eating cereal, even though it's been a while since we've been together for breakfast on a fine Saturday morning. And the fact that my cereal of choice today is Kashi Honey Sunshine (which is really the health food version of Cap'n Crunch, except without the hard edges that would tear up the roof of your mouth if they weren't sufficiently softened in the milk) does not deter me from bringing you happy, sugary, soggy memories.


The aforementioned Cap’n Crunch

The Cap'n had a bunch of spin-offs -- making him the Happy Days of the cereal set. Check these out...

Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter

Vanilly Crunch

Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries

Punch Crunch

And speaking of crunchy comrades, here's the spooky crew of the cereal aisle...

Finally, I give you my favorite Saturday morning childhood treats... mmmmmm

Alpha Bits -- SO yummy and you can make words with them. The marshmallows were slightly blasphemous, in my opinion. Original recipe: perfection in a Corelle bowl.

Bonus: another breakfast treat from our youth... thought this was the end-all, be-all myself.


Miss Attitude said...

I used to love Cap'n Crunch and it reminds me of being at my grandparent's house on the weekends. My dad would never buy me sugary cereal, so my grandfather always bought Cap'n Crunch for me.

Ruprecht said...

What ... ?!?!

No Quisp ... ?!?

No Freakies ... ?!?

There oughter be a law .....

............... (Favorite Cerealist / Cereal-less) Ruprecht

80s Queen said...

I'm eating some Frosted Flakes as I type this (milk doesn't hurt your keyboard does it?). Gotta love cereal...and Pop Tarts!

Miss Janey said...

Miss Janey "can't get enough o' Super ugar Crisp"... or the catchy jingle

TopSurf said...

My favorite all time cereal is there Cap'n Crunch, second on my list is Quisp, which by the way they still sell every once in a while up here. Do you remember when they put 45's on the back of the boxes? Sadly I do! :)