Sunday Scene

We were walking out of church this morning after hearing a fantastic sermon by our pastor on embracing the mindset of being a peacemaker when one goes to the polls on Tuesday -- and not espousing the vitriol of pundits and contentiousness of rabblerousers -- when a dilapidated Mercedes sedan pulled into the parking lot and parked in a space next to my car.

A gentleman got out of the car -- mid-thirties, black jacket, black jeans -- and asked me, in thick, Eastern-European accented English, if this was where "the voting is." Our church is indeed a polling place, but wasn't one of the ones holding early voting. In his hand was a sample ballot and his voter registration card.

I explained to him that this was a place to vote on Tuesday, but in order to vote today, he would have to go downtown and do so at the county courthouse. He smiled, thanked me as he shook my hand, got back in his car and putted out of the parking lot.

I love democracy. I love my country. God bless America.


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Jeff in Cuba said...

I spent an hour after church with a couple of Cubans who are here in GTMO waiting for the State Department to find them asylum. They had both left friends and family behind, and risked their lives for the opportunity to do the things we take for granted (like go to church).

Nothing makes you appreciate what you have as much as seeing how it is valued by others.

April said...

Let freedom ring!!