Saturday Silliness

Hidey Hidey Hidey Hi
Hodey Odey Odey Oh
It’s off to work we go...

(with apologies and love to Cab Calloway)

Name the seven dwarfs in the order that you most identify with their character traits, with number one being the one you think is most like you and number seven the one you think least like you.

Here are the names of the Seven Dwarfs and a quick description of them:
Doc: The leader
Grumpy: A stern exterior, but softer on the inside
Happy: Joyous and always laughing
Sleepy: Tired
Bashful: Shy, embarrassed when attention is directed his way
Sneezy: An allergy sufferer, Sickly?
Dopey: Clumsy, inexperienced, seemingly scared

My rankings:

1. Dopey (Yeah. Today I am Dopey.)
2. Bashful (There is more Bashful in me than you will ever know.)
3. Doc (Somehow, I always seem to be wearing my bossy pants...)
4. Grumpy (Whatchu lookin' at? Haven't you ever seen a grumpy chica before?)
5. Happy (This will move up the list once dinner is complete.)
6. Sneezy (*knock on wood* Not an issue at the moment...)
7. Sleepy (Not now, thanks to a little afternoon nap.)

Ironically, these days I'm having more in common with these other dwarves than the originals... ain't life grand!


~Just Jen~ said...

Funny - I'm well versed in the Bitchy, Bloated and Psycho myself ;)

yoonamaniac said...

I can only clearly identify the top two, which, everybody will agree:
1. Sleepy
2. Grumpy

On a limb with Claudia said...

ahahahahahahaha - Dayum Jane, you can always make me laugh. Thanks for that!

Wildhair said...

1-6 for me DOPEY. Then 7 is Grumpy.

You had plenty of time to spare, sistah! Well played.

TopSurf said...

#1 For me is sleepy, hands down. I love the menopause dwarfs now there is seven I can relate to 100%!

Kat said...

I love this!! You have me chuckling at work!!

As for the 7 Dwarves of PMS - I have the magic potion for that, one tiny little patch and they all vanish!! Leaving in their stead one Moist, well rested, even tempered goddess!! Just sayin'!

perpstu said...

I just spit water all over the kitten sleeping in my lap! Very funny!! XOXOXO